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Strategic Plan: Focus on Effectiveness

Updated for Fiscal Year 2019 through Fiscal Year 2023. For more information on Boise State University’s Mission, Vision, and Core Themes, visit the Strategic Plan page.

Administrative Oversight

Boise State University is subject to substantial administrative oversight through the State of Idaho Department of Administration and other Executive agencies. Significant operational areas subject to this oversight include capital projects, personnel and benefit management, and risk and insurance. The additional oversight results in increased costs due to additional bureaucracy and in decreased accountability because of less transparency in process. The current system places much of the authority with the Department of Administration and the other agencies, but funding responsibility and ultimate accountability for performance with the State Board of Education and the University. As a result, two levels of monitoring and policy exist, which is costly, duplicative, and compromises true accountability.

In 2010, the state legislature passed legislation that exempted the University, under certain conditions, from oversight by the State’s Division of Purchasing. As a result, the university has streamlined policy and procedure and has gained substantial efficiencies in work process and in customer satisfaction, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the purchasing process. Additional relief from administrative oversight in other areas should produce similar increases in efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Increases in state and federal compliance requirements are a growing challenge in terms of cost and in terms of institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

Created by the Office of Institutional Research (updated April 2018)

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