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Data Cookbook

What is the Data Cookbook?

The Data Cookbook website is a new Data Governance tool that will help Boise State data producers and consumers view, use, capture, and develop data and reporting information that is consistent and accurate across the many reporting outlets housed on the campus.

More than a data dictionary, the Data Cookbook has a number of features that can be valuable to reporting efforts of the different functional areas at Boise State.

  • Data terms and definitions
  • Report specifications
  • Workflow
  • Community collaboration

To learn about these features in-depth, please see the posted pre-recorded videos available on iData’s web site.

Help and Training Documents

Working with Definitions? (i.e., ingredients)Working with Report Specifications? (i.e., recipes)
Finding Definitions
Finding Report Specifications
Data Cookbook Style Sheet
Creating New Report Specifications

For a comprehensive guide to the many features of the Data Cookbook site, please review the latest Data Cookbook User’s Guide.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please send an email to: