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Data Quality Council Members

Odom, Leslie 426-1519 (Chair)
Title: Associate Director for Reporting and Data Quality

Haan, Troy 426-2635
Title: Director/Business Intelligence & Reporting Services

Herndon, Anne 426-1039
Title: Business Manager

Dye, Jami 426-1647
Title: Business Analyst

Messing, Mark 426-2099
Title: Coordinator/Enrollment Information Systems

Harrsch, Lynn 426-3763
Title: Business Manager

Bullock, Doug 426-1414
Title: Associate Dean/College of Arts & Sciences

Weitz, Catherine 426-3192
Title: Director of Payroll Services

Eaton, Susan 426-4698
Title: HRIS Manager

Riley, Sue 426-2359
Title: Sr. Financial Systems Analyst