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Student Course Evals

Online Course Evaluations is a web-based system for evaluating the vast majority of courses at Boise State University. Students are asked about characteristics of the course and instructor to provide information for improvement.
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Login using the button above and enter your BoiseState username and password to get started evaluating your courses.

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to evaluate your courses.

Evaluation Confirmations – You should receive a confirmation that you completed evaluations at the end of the day that you completed it. If you do not receive one, there are a couple things to try:

  • Search your email account for emails that have “Receipt of Course Evaluations” (use quote marks around the string). That should find the email if you simply missed it, or if it was caught in your spam filter.
  • You can log back into the course evaluation system. On your home page, you should see the courses that you completed evaluations for marked as such. If your instructor needs confirmation that you completed the evaluation, take a screen print, then compose an email to your instructor, and paste the screen print into the body of the email.

If you have any additional questions, please see the CourseEval FAQ.