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Faculty Course Evals

Online Course Evaluations is a web-based system for evaluating the vast majority of courses at Boise State University. Students are asked about characteristics of the course and instructor to provide information for improvement.

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Click here for a summary description of the Bronco Course Evals system.

Note that course evaluations conducted using paper forms prior to using online evaluations are not stored in Institutional Research as this process was managed by individual departments and colleges.

How the Bronco CourseEval Process Works

  1. Your students (and yourself) receive an email from Bronco CourseEval to start the evaluation process. It includes a web page link to access evaluations for their current courses.
  2. Students who delay will receive two or three reminder emails until the evaluation ends. You will receive one reminder mid-way through the evaluation.
  3. You can log on the evaluation system any time to check response rates for your classes.
  4. You will be emailed a link to view your summarized results the day after the grade submission deadline.
  5. Your results remain accessible on Bronco CourseEval. You may also create PDFs to save them electronically, if you wish. Future reports will allow you to view results history.

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