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Program Assessment Report Timeline for Departments

See below for workflow for each year’s reporting schedule:

August – September
Departments with reports due are notified.

September – February
Prep meetings, consultations, and workshops held for department Representatives.

February – April
Peer review team will be recruited and trained*

May 1st
Program Assessment Reports due in the month of April, by May 1st

May – June
Review Period*

June – August
Feedback assembled and provided to departments*

August – September
Departments discuss feedback and next steps.

October 1st
Departments submit a brief follow up report of the discussion and summary of actions to be taken.

October 15th
PARs and follow-up reports posted to the website; summary reports shared with dean, provost, and other administration /governance as appropriate.

* Denotes administrative duties handled by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Planning or Institutional Research.

Updated: 8/25/17