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Assessment Coordinating Committee

Background for Assessment Planning at Boise State

In the 2009 report to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), Boise State described the context for an academic career as comprising three broad areas: (a) the academic degree program; (b) the general education curriculum; and (c) co-curricular components. The Assessment Coordinating Council (ACC) was formed to advance the assessment of student learning in these three areas and align various efforts across the university.

Purpose of Committee

The purposes of the Assessment Coordinating Council (ACC) are to: (a) understand and align various processes; (b) ensure clear and consistent support for assessment efforts; (c) discuss and integrate assessment results across learning outcomes; (d) identify issues and gaps among assessment efforts; and (e) strategize, develop, and advance institutional goals on assessment.

The Assessment Coordinating Committee includes representatives from areas offering specific support of assessment efforts across the university including:

  • the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Institutional Research
  • Foundational Studies
  • Faculty Senate
  • Student Affairs
  • Learning Technology Solutions

ACC members assist in communication between the many units invested in assessment across the university.